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I am a: Woman
Looking for a: Man
I am from:
Age: 33
Member since: 10 months ago
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Body Build: Slim
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Like many, I too joined here to seek excitement in my life. Not that I’m not ‘getting any, I ALWAYS HAVE PLENTY LOL! But in a womans world… you can never have enough! I chose this site to find someone to share my sex fantasies, my inner most desires and yes, to release my juices and recieve some of that man cum as well! I’m one to shock, one to leave you intrigued and one that leaves you wanting more! Mind you now… there are days when i just want to talk, there are days that I just want to read, days that I would share a story and/or experience and then there are them spontanious days when I’m in one of those moods to want to meet a guy and say “Hey, let’s fuck!”